Mystery Boxes
Mystery Boxes
Mystery Boxes
Mystery Boxes
Mystery Boxes
Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes

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These are a collection of crystals that are intuitively chosen for you and will vary in sized and quantity based on the price option you choose. *Jewelry is not included in mystery boxes at this time.*

The total value of your crystals will be a MINIMUM of the price option you choose, but I always like to go over *wink*.

*Photo examples are $100 boxes.

*Mystery boxes are not eligible for coupon codes or discounts. 

Leave a note at checkout!

This is where you can tell me whether you prefer quality or quantity for your box, as well as other details about what you prefer. (Please keep in mind that quality does not always mean larger crystals.) Or you can keep your box a complete mystery!

A few ideas of details you can choose to let me know are whether you prefer smaller or larger crystals, if you love carvings or certain crystal shapes, if there are any crystals you do not want included, if you have any favorite crystals on your wish list, if you have a favorite color for crystals or a theme you would love, or if there are any properties you are hoping to receive the help of. 

**I will try my absolute best to honor and fulfill all requests. Please allow some grace and flexibility for crystal types that may not be available at the time of your request. 



The cost of shipping is determined by the price of the box and is included in each price. That included shipping price is discounted exclusively for mystery boxes. No additional shipping will be added to your cart for this item.

For example, the $25 mystery box would be added to the cart at the price of $29.50 ($25 box option plus $4.50 flat shipping). 

Any items purchased outside of and in addition to a mystery box will add shipping to your cart based on each item's weight, as usual.

Discounted, flat rate shipping fees:

$25 box - $4.50

$50 box - $4.50

$75 box - $8.50

$100 box - $8.50

$150 box - $8.50

$200 box - $8.50

$300 box - $12.50

$400 box - $12.50

$500 box - $12.50

$1000 box - $20 



Photos are taken with no filters added. I try my best to capture each item's true color and texture. However, colors may vary from screen to screen as device settings differ.

Please keep in mind these are natural crystals, unless otherwise stated (opalite, blue goldstone, etc). Every stone is unique in size, shape, and color, and may have natural fracture points within them.